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Pikachus - End of the Summer Picnic

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edited September 17, 2017 in Tarlach Chat
Greetings from the Raichus of Pikachus!

As the summer comes to a close we are going to hold an event to celebrate the last few days of summer. We will be holding a picnic where you will have a chance to wine and dine with us plus getting to know us a bit more! I promise we don't first. ;3

Attached we have a flyer with all the information you need! If you have any questions be sure to send them our way. We are more than happy to answer them!


Note** You will not be get attacked by any monsters at the picnic, if so the bushes will provide you 99% cover from all monsters, I'm looking at you Master Lich for that 1%...

Pikachus Officer - Aventis