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Quick Guide to Searching Housing, Kiosks and Shops

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edited January 11, 2017 in Game Guides
Quick Guide to Searching Housing, Kiosks and Personal Shops

One of the first things new players may do is search the marketplace either to purchase new items for themselves or to check prices when desiring to sell an item they may have acquired during the course of their gameplay.

While navigating the various marketplace options is fairly straightforward, there are some search nuances which may aid new players during their searches.

Housing Board

When searching the housing board, you may use a keyword (either uppercase or lowercase). For example if searching for a Macaroon Mistress Wig, you could type:


To narrow down the search results, you are also able to search using the whole title of the item if you use underscores rather than spaces. This works with either uppercase or lowercase letters. For example:



When searching kiosks you must type only the first word of the item and the first letter must be uppercase with the remaining letters in lowercase (unless the first word of the item is all uppercase). For example:

Holy (when searching for Holy Water)
HP (when searching for HP Elixir)

Personal Shops

When using a pet to search personal shops, right click your pet and select the Search Personal Shop option or type either the command find! or the command search! Any of these methods brings up a small interface where you can type your search text. When doing a pet search you can type a keyword with either upper or lowercase letters or you can search the complete title of an item with either uppercase or lowercase letters and spaces (not underscores). For example any of these combinations will work when searching for a Vampire Hunter Hat:

Vampire Hunter Hat
vampire hunter hat

Hopefully this quick guide will make it easier for new players to navigate the marketplace!



  • FrahaleahFrahaleah
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    Yet another great guide. Only thing about the searching that bugs me is, why does the pet searching the shops allow spaces, yet the housing board doesn't?
  • SkeinSkein
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    Thank you! I despaired about the kiosk searchD: