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R> Grey guild~

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edited January 11, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Players of Ruairi

The guild of Grey is now looking for more members to join!

So a little about us..
Grey, established 11/16/2008.
Leader : Beardrop
Officer : Stephasaurus

We're a friendly and interactive guild with a consistency in doing the following:
Shadow Missions,
Dungeons e.g. Peaca Abyss or AAHM are our most frequent,
Guild associated events !

We are social by default but we also reach out to the needs of our players.

So what does Grey have to offer?
As already reflected in our current members, we're an active & friendly bunch, we interact and participate in events with each other by the guild and we are always looking to each other for help if ever needed!

- We have a Discord server !
- We have a Facebook group !

Though it's not compulsory with the above listed, we do have some rules:
Don't be shy, we are friendly !
This means.. To participate in guild chat when necessary, to have an active presence with any guild associated activities.
Inactive members of over 9 weeks that gave no prior notice to their inactive state will be removed.

So if you're interested in joining

Please feel free to note/add Stephasaurus/Beardrop,

Or alternatively
Guild stone whereabouts: Metus Canyon
Our next location if not found there is: Dunbarton, Northern path to the ride side.