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NPC intimacy - gifting Agnes

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edited October 5, 2017 in Help
Do you just gift to NPC's all (x) number of items they like all at once or do you come back day after day? Gave up on Aeria (Music Theory), and now with Agnes (first aid f->e), when wiki says only 20 or so books are needed and I have been doing the visit, gift, come back later after, and it doesn't seem to be working. repeatedly starting conversations earns me the "your coming here too often warning"... even tho likeability is in the positive territory.

Also Agnes hinted about getting rid of the white grizzly, and so in the middle of fighting one it disappeared, along with all the others, and wiki says that only happens after you defeat it, but I never saw a completion thing, nor did Agnes acknowledge I did anything like that. :/


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Okay here's a giant hint for ANY NPC's secret shop.

    Use "Likeability Potions".

    Due to how NPC intimacy works behind the scenes, and how Likeability Potions work, all it takes is:

    1. Have a clean slate with the NPC (either through never having talked to them, or having them forget you over time)
    2. Gift the NPC 5 Likeability Potions one after the other, with no talking
    3. After the 5th Likeability Potion, check their shop and the secret shop should be open to you

    It's all tied to 3 values you can't really see.
    Let's call them "Favor", "Memory", and "Stress".

    Favor is gained from gifts they like.
    Memory is gained by talking to them.
    Stress is gained by talking to them too much.

    The key for every npc's secret shop is in these values
    Favor needs to be 50 or higher
    Memory needs to be 15 or higher
    Stress needs to be less than 5

    Because each NPC has different tastes, it's just easiest to use Likeability potions because what THEY do is:
    Favor +10
    Memory +4

    Not totally sure how stress works, but if all you do is give them 5 Likeability Potions, you don't have to worry, because you'll end up with
    50 Favor
    and 20 Memory
    which is enough to open any NPC's secret shop!
  • EraleaEralea
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    Agnes is a bit of a shrew so I second the recommendation for likeability pots.

    Aeira is more easily bribeable, I got the book on all my alts by just gifting her 12-15 anthologies in a row (no conversation in between). Don't give up!
  • YokkaichiYokkaichi
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    edited October 5, 2017
    I'd also recommend likeability pots for Agnes, but if not, then keep trying! Also make sure that if you start a conversation with her and the opening dialogue is along the lines of "it may be better to stop this conversation," make sure you exit the conversation and gift her 1 piece of gold four times in a row to reduce her irritability.

    As for Aeira, she is one of the easiest NPC's to bribe, so it shouldn't take too long to open her shop. Alternatively, gifting her just one likeability potion, and talking to her with the 'skills' keyword got me the Music Theory book, so if you have some spare likeability potions after bribing Agnes, you'll likely need just one to bribe Aeira.
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    I agree with the others, just use likeability potions which can be obtained from doing rafting or buy them in the player market. Agnes is a greedy npc that takes forever with the books. did it the slow way once and took about 2 hours. you might still have to talk with Agnes after gifting the likeability potions to get the secret shop to appear.
  • LinisterLinister
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    edited October 10, 2017
    while I don't have a count of how many Anthology books I have given so far (lots), here's the update: after 2 more books and 2 likeability pots, she gives me the "its not good to come here too often..." :o I must have really stressed her out :p , kind of watching myself around her, the stress doesn't seem to subside with time away from her. I was gonna give her one more potion and not say anything , would that sound right?
    Also did a few part time jobs for her, one did fail in the time allotted, but that was like 4-5 jobs ago.... she really is a b*****

  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    Giving her gold will make the stress lower. Really, just give her 7 likeability pots in a row and her shop will open. Unsure if 7 is the go-to, but I gave her 7 and that was that.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited October 11, 2017
    You can get the book (normally from Agnes - Secret Shop) from this event (the one running now).

    Quick and Effective First Aid (F to E) is among the books we can fish up with Larry's Bait ...