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S/T>Fez/Tia Personal Shop Bag, and more.

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edited 7:07AM in Ruairi Marketplace
IGN- Tayloreski.
Cosmic Princess wig(F).
Reaper's outfit(M) x 2.
Rank 1 Colouss heavy armor.
Rank 1 Fleet Elegant cat greaves.
Broken Horn Hunter armor(Giant's only.) x 2 (One is ranked 1.)
Cosmic shoes(M).
Rank 1 Abysmal Eweca, Ladeca, and Palala spell book.
Flashy Elatha hand puppets. x 2
Flashy Andras ahnd puppst.
Enchanted brides wig.
MusicQ casual wear(F).
Battle born halm(M).
Gamyu Wizard robe armor (M).
Ranked 1 Royal crystal wing shield.
New school semester uniform(M).
Focused Red and Green beam swords.
Bargain white beam sword.
Giant Hanbok Bandana (F)
Police outfit(M).
Tia Bag coupon.
Fez bag coupon x 2.
Hamlet hair coupon.(M)
Peirrot Hair coupon.(F)
Two block hair coupon(M).
Neat half ponytail.(F).
Gold chain armor. x 2
Little furry sword.
--Training potions--
Chained:focused fist
Critical hit
Explosive Kunai x 2
Kanai storm x 2
Shuriken charge.
Shuriken mastery x 2
Duel guns mastery x 2
Magic mastery
Lightning mastery
Playing instrument
Enthralling performance x 3