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Black Friday Sale: Reforge Time!

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As we start to head into the second half of the Black Friday Sales, we're bringing back the Reforge Time Event and the Refined Reforging Tool PLUS! This weekend, get 30% off the Fine and Credne's Reforging Tools, pick yourself up some Refined Reforging Tool PLUS, and use them to get your equipment in the best shape possible.


Reforge Time Event

Event Dates:

Friday, Nov. 24, 11:00AM PST - Monday, Nov. 27, 11:00 AM PST

Event Details:
  • Rare chance to trigger a higher rank during reforge
  • Affects Reforging, Fine Reforging, Credne's Reforging, Amazing Reforging, Refined Reforging Tools and Refined Reforging Tools PLUS

Returning Refined Reforge Tools PLUS

Event Dates:

Friday, Nov. 24, 11:00AM PST - Monday, Nov. 27, 11:00 AM PST



  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS do not increase the number of reforging effects
  • Reforging stats depend on where the item is equipped. Different stats also have different possible maximums
  • Reforging Rank 1 does not have Demigod, Paladin, Dark Knight or Beast Mode options
  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS can grant Transforming lines
  • If you reforge multiple times, the existing reforging effect might end up the same or lower
  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS will never Reforge a stat bonus below certain values:
  • Min Damage: +5
  • Max HP: +2
  • Strength: +3
  • Will: +2
  • Dexterity: +3

Reforge Tool Sale

Event Dates:

Friday, Nov. 24, 11:00AM PST - Monday, Nov. 27, 11:00 AM PST




  • SherriSherri
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    edited November 23, 2017
    Yay it's P2W time
  • KiruahKiruah
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    Posts: 59
    No outfits..?
  • RinsamaRinsama
    Mabinogi Rep: 500
    Posts: 9
    Is this the last of the Black Friday sale...? I've been checking back everyday but it doesn't seem like there's anything else...