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Guide to making End Game Gears (NX Edition)

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First Step

Reforges (best to do it when reforge event is on increases success rate of rank up and better effects)

Reforging Tool (only useable once per item) can be obtained through General Shops. This will allow you to reforge your gear and then allow use of "better" reforges on your gear.
Currently 5000 gold. (good to use even at low levels for a boost of abilities)

Use Crednes Reforges to obtain more lines. (maximum 3 lines with a chance of rank up)

Use Fine Reforges to rank up your "Reforge Ranks" (3 to 2 to 1. One being the best)
Why do you want higher Reforge Rank?
at rank 3 maximum levels you can get on an item is 5
at rank 2 maximum levels you can get on an item is 10
at rank 1 maximum levels you can get on an item is 20

If you decide to use "Fine reforges" on a non "reforge event" to try and rank up your gear to rank 1. I'll tell you now after 237 "Fine Reforges" I still have not gotten to rank 1.
During the Event I used Refined Reforge Tools PLUS after 3 attempts I gotten to rank 1. BUT after trying again after 4 gears rank 1. It taken 60+ Refined Reforge Tools PLUS to get to rank 1 from rank 2. The event helps Immensely but the RNG seems to go lower as you buy alot.

Using Refined Reforge Tools PLUS have a even higher chance of ranking up (using this will not increase the number lines you get on a gear)
but at rank 1 (your gear reforge rank=1) you will never get Demigod, Paladin, Dark Knight or Beast Mode effects. It also have a "set levels" on certain "stats" For example Minimum Damage reforge effect will never be below 5.

Accessories at rank 1 gives max 3 levels (Example. A rank 1 Accessories can have Smash Levels anywhere from (1 to 2 to 3) Three being the highest.
Granted there are exceptions but those are very few. If you want to figure which are the exceptions check mabi wiki.

Reforge effects are specific to the type of item they are on. For Example Smash "MAX DAMAGE +" can only be applied to Weapons AND Accessories. Depending on the "Weapon type" It can also effect what the maximum levels that can be obtained. For example if you are using a 1 handed weapon it can only get a maximum of 10 levels while two handed weapons can get maximum of 20 levels.

1 handed sword + 1 handed sword + Accessory + Accessory= (with perfect rolls and all rank 1) 10 + 10 + 3 + 3= 26 levels
2 handed sword + Accessory + Accessory= (with perfect rolls and all rank 1) 20 + 3 + 3= 26 levels

Now for other type of

"Reforges that deal with Commerce"

Commerce Reforge Tool can be used for any item BUT the "effect Transport Speed" only apply to clothing/armors

Your goal is to get an "Commerce Outfit (usually G15 outfits or William Partner outfit)
Doing it on other non Commerce Outfit will have lower stats. (non commerce outfit will have maximum speed level 10 while Commerce outfit maximum speed is 20 levels)
Get that outfit to rank 1 with 3 lines for a higher chance of getting "Transport Speed"
I found out that "Commerce Reforges" Does not GUARANTEE "Transport Speed" so having 3 lines means you have 3 "higher chance" of getting "Transport Speed"



Best done at rank 1

Using enchant scrolls that are rank 5 or higher have a chance of "destroying" your items. With the exception of using Enchant Protection from the nx shop. If you buy an Enchant Protection Potion from the nx shop and then "USE" it on the item you plan to enchant. It WILL protect the item from being "DAMAGED AND FROM BEING DESTROYED!" Do not be afraid when you enchant it with rank 5 or higher enchants. The reasoning for this is because IF you do enchant the game then "mentions" WARNING you are enchanting an item with a rank 5 or higher enchant. Your item will be destroyed if you fail the enchant. (This will not apply if it was already protected from Enchant Protection Potion)

From "Experience" using Enchant protection lower the chance of success rate.

I bought 1 enchant protection. Use a high rank enchant on my gear and it said you have a 52% chance of success (including the boost of success of enchant mabinogi week day)

It ended as HUGE failure. No big deal the item was not destroyed nor lost any durability.
I did this again

(2nd time) Huge Failure
(3rd time) Huge Failure
(4th time) Huge Failure
(5th time ran out of nx and didn't buy any more Enchant Protection Potion) Huge Failure
(6th time) Huge Failure bringing the durability of my item to 1/1 durability

Not sure if this is proven or not but using protection appears to always end with a Huge Failure. Making you believe I am glad I bought the enchant protection

Finally 7th time it Succeeded. Of course by then I am broke with nx and I had to buy a new gear for the enchant.

Most people say I was unlucky and it was just bad RNG (random number Generator)

Believing that it was just bad luck I tried it again because I need two gears with enchant on them.

Huge Failure
(2nd time) Huge Failure
(3rd time) Huge Failure
4th time (didn't use enchant protection) Success.

Keep in mind the success rate was 52% on a week day that increase success rate. I won't tell you how much nx I spend but I'm sure you can figure out this is not a cheap process. It cost alot.

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    A good bypass for protect pot 4 anything above r6 is 2 just let it destroy the dur. Revive with hammer and retry. Once U succeed all enchants U wanted just hammer it back up to a safe dur count. Hoard hammers instead of protect pots if ur not going for anything r6~below. It's the cost-effective alternative. ;)