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{Updated Regularly}Selling/Buying Items!

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edited December 13 in Tarlach Marketplace
Willing to take offers IGN- Shirawashi
(Couple's Magic Knight Officer Suit) Wanting to trade for the {Male} Version
Laighlinne Eye Patch and Wig
Floral Fairy Hair Accessory x2
Royal Academy Assistant Teacher Outfit
Frilly ribbon Corset
Playful Bunny Headband
Yggdrasil Staff
Yggdrasil Sword Appearance Scroll
Yggdrasil Staff Appearance Scroll
Men's Relaxed Wear
Shamala's Transformation Medal- Cessair's Heart

Winter Princess Bracelet
Winter Prince Gloves
Dual Gun Skill Exp Pot
Lion' Hunter 's Cursed Killing Sword
Battleborn Outfit (M)
Battleborn Gloves (M)
Andois Wear (F)
Steampunk Inventor Hat (M)
Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F)
Fallen Fairy Sneakers (M)
Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher
and LOTS of Shoes PM me about them if you guys care...

Red/Black Sacred Daemon Wings
Pitch Black Dominion Wings
Monochrome Dominion Wings
enuma elish ea (Fare/Stay Event Weapon)
Mortello's Pitch Black Suit
Black Dragon Knight (Transformation Medal)
Arish Ashuvain Armor (M)
Royal Knight Gauntlet
Gilgamesh Wig
Pitch Black Eye Patch and Wig
Please message me with any questions or concerns~ Shirawashi


  • HonokaemiHonokaemi
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    Hello, I have the Black Sacred Daemon wings and Pitch Black Dominion Wings. How much are you purchasing them for?
  • HitmanmoneyHitmanmoney
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    ~Bump *Updated List*