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{Updated Regularly}Selling/Buying Items!

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edited December 17, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
Willing to take offers IGN- Shirawashi
Yggdrasil Sword Appearance Scroll
Battleborn Gloves (M)
Steampunk Inventor Hat (M)
Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F)
Fallen Fairy Sneakers (M)
Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher~200k
Sky Song Sunlight Ceremony Wings~ 10mil or best offer
Cross Empire Appearance Scroll Set
Snowboard Gloves (F)
Lovely Snowflake Gloves (F)
Ninja Training Pots X2
Hebona Gloves
Fixed Color Dyes(Blue,Cyan,Goldish,Brown,Khaki,Green)
Fixed Color Metal Dye(Pink)
Blue Upgrade Stone X5
Figure Skating Wig
Christmas Rocking Horse

Pitch Black Dominion Wings
Mortello's Pitch Black Suit
Divine Demigod Suit
Celtic Howling Chain Blade Coupon (willing to trade items on my sell list as well as put in an extra 10-20mil)

Please message me with any questions or concerns~ Shirawashi