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Very old Alexina back

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello Alexinians.

It's been 6 years, but I came back for some fun and nostalgia... and of course a community to join.

A little about me... I started the same day Alexina server was created around 8 years ago. I ended up joining up with a newly formed guild called Valencia, and stuck with them for about 3 years until I stopped playing. (If any of you are still around, give me a ring! I'd love to catch up!) I also ended up participating in, (and winning, wooo Valencia) the first of many guild battles on the server.... I was HUGE on merchanting and all that fun stuff... If anyone needs any old, unattainable items, I probably have some. xD

Okay, okay, i'm performing an orchestra with how much horn tooting i'm doing right now... but it just shows how happy I am to be back, and how much fun i've had being a part of this server.

Sooo, if anyone out there is interested in taking me in and teaching me all the new wonderful things this game has to offer, let me know!

Have a beautiful day~


  • CritobellCritobell
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    Hai im a returning player my self i would to hang with you and other things as well my ign is AnimeFallin ps i started out fresh