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Merry Christmas Box

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Deck the halls with boughs of...halos? The holidays are creeping up on us, so it's time to dress for the occasion! Take a peek at our new Merry Christmas Box to find loads of goodies, like Pegasus Wings, Christmas Coats, and more! Check out the details below!


Merry Christmas Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, Dec. 14 - Wednesday, Jan. 3


Item Details:

Open a Merry Christmas Box to receive a Bounty Package, Fine Bounty Package, or a Finest Bounty Package along with a random item from the list below! The packages are a part of our current promotion, Shy's Star Shop!

New Items

  • Majestic White Harmony Halo
  • Majestic Black Harmony Halo
  • Flawless Rose Harmony Halo
  • Vibrant Rose Harmony Halo
  • Rhythmic Rose Harmony Halo
  • Rose Grace Halo
  • Rose Angelic Halo
  • Rose Ring Halo
  • Black Battle Pegasus Wings
  • Red Battle Pegasus Wings
  • Blue Battle Pegasus Wings
  • Purple Battle Pegasus Wings
  • Green Battle Pegasus Wings
  • Red Sprite Wings
  • Golden Sprite Wings
  • Blue Sprite Wings
  • Violet Sprite Wings
  • Magenta Sprite Wings
  • Green Sprite Wings
  • Sky Reaper Sunlight Ceremony Wings
  • Sky Song Sunlight Ceremony Wings
  • Midsummer Moonlight Ceremony Wings
  • Winter Moonlight Ceremony Wings
  • Dark Night Starlight Ceremony Wings
  • Dreamy Night Starlight Ceremony Wings
  • Christmas Coat (M)
  • Christmas Coat (F)
  • Christmas Gloves (M)
  • Christmas Gloves (F)
  • Christmas Boots (M)
  • Christmas Shoes (F)
  • Cross Empire Sword Appearance Change Scroll
  • Cross Empire Great Blade Appearance Change Scroll
  • Cross Empire Gale Cylinder Appearance Change Scroll
  • Cross Empire Shield Appearance Change Scroll
  • Cross Empire Dual Gun Appearance Change Scroll

Additional Items

  • Frostblossom Footsteps 2nd Title Coupon
  • Twilight Snowfield 2nd Title Coupon
  • Maltreat Fury 2nd Title Coupon
  • Enchanted Bride's Wig
  • Enchanted Bride's Wedding Dress
  • Debonair Groom's Tuxedo
  • Winter Angel 2nd Title Coupon
  • Be Careful of Icy Roads 2nd Title Coupon
  • Christmas Dye Ampoule Set
  • Enchanted Bride's Wig and Veil
  • Enchanted Bride's Ankle Boots
  • Lovely Snowflake Coat (M)
  • Lovely Snowflake Coat (F)
  • Cheerful Snowflake (M)
  • Cheerful Snowflake (F)
  • Joyful Snowflake Coat (M)
  • Joyful Snowflake Coat (F)
  • Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie (M)
  • Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie (F)
  • Skating Outfit (M)
  • Ice Skates (M)
  • Figure Skating Outfit (F)
  • Figure Skates (F)
  • Snowboard Outfit (M)
  • Snowboard Oufit (F)
  • Snowboard
  • Royal Crystal Wing Sword Appearance Scroll
  • Royal Crystal Wing Bow Appearance Scroll
  • Debonair Groom's Gloves
  • Debonair Groom's Shoes
  • Enchanted Bride's Bracelet
  • Lovely Snowflake Gloves (M)
  • Lovely Snowflake Gloves (F)
  • Lovely Snowflake Boots (M)
  • Lovely Snowflake Boots (F)
  • Lovely Snowflake Hat (M)
  • Lovely Snowflake Hat (F)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Gloves (M)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Gloves (F)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Boots (M)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Gloves (F)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Hat (M)
  • Cheerful Snowflake Gloves (F)
  • Snowboard Gloves (M)
  • Snowboard Boots (M)
  • Snowboard Beanie (M)
  • Snowboard Gloves (F)
  • Snowboard Boots (F)
  • Snowboard Beanie (F)
  • If It Snows On Christmas 2nd Title Coupon
  • I Hope It Rains On Christmas 2nd Title Coupon
  • Santa Sleigh
  • Christmas Rocking Horse
  • Chimney Chair
  • Royal Crystal Wing Sword (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Royal Crystal Wing Shield (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Royal Crystal Wing Bow (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Royal Crystal Wing Staff (Reforge: Rank 1)
  • Unrestricted Dungeon Pass
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Direct Pet Dye Ampoule
  • Direct Dye Ampoule
  • Direct Magical Instrument Dye
  • Direct Metal Dye Ampoule
  • Snowflake Dress
  • Snowflake Coat
  • Snowflake Boots
  • Snowflake Shoes
  • Snowflake Hat
  • Snowflake Hairpin
  • Skate Helmet (M)
  • Figure Skating Wig (F)
  • Lorna's Goldbox
  • Pan's Goldbox
  • Focused White Beam Sword
  • Focused Blue Beam Sword
  • Focused Red Beam Sword
  • Focused Green Beam Sword
  • Enthralling Performance Training Potion
  • Combo: Charging Strike Training Potion
  • Combo: Focused Fist Training Potion
  • Combo: Spinning Uppercut Training Potion
  • Combo: Somersault Kick Training Potion
  • Combo: Drop Kick Training Potion
  • Combo: Pummel Training Potion
  • Combo Mastery Training Potion
  • Enchant Training Potion
  • Shuriken Mastery Training Potion
  • Shuriken Charge Training Potion
  • Kunai Storm Training Potion
  • Explosive Kunai Training Potion
  • Shadow Bind Training Potion
  • Shadow Cloak Training Potion
  • Smokescreen Training Potion
  • Sakura Abyss Training Potion
  • Blue Upgrade Stone (Quantity: 5)
  • Red Upgrade Stone (Quantity: 5)
  • Flashy Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
  • Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule (#000000, #FFFFFF, #FF0000, #8F1010, #BB9955, #241E1D, #0DEE2B, #108F32, #FFACE2, #F3C797)
  • Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (#000000, #FFFFFF, #FF0000, #8F1010, #BB9955, #241E1D, #0DEE2B, #108F32, #FFACE2, #F3C797)