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[NEW SALE] Shy's Night Sky Shop

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Shy is collecting stars to decorate her homestead. For a limited time only, certain sales will contain stars which you can exchange for cool prizes, like a Snow Leopard Support Puppet, a Mischievous Little Hopper, or dyable Archangel Wings! Check out the details here!


Shy's Night Sky Shop

Promotion Dates: Thursday, December 14 - Wednesday, February 28

Promotion Details

Buy from the following sales to receive stars which you can exchange for in-game items! Some items will be obtainable through other methods.

  • Talk to Shy in Dunbarton to open the exchange shop and check out what you can trade your stars for!
  • This post will be updated each time there is a new sale that contains stars during the promotion period.
  • Only the sales listed below will contain stars.
  • *There will be several sales through out the event period, so be sure to keep an eye out!*

This Week's Sales!

Click on any of the links below to go to their announcement page!



Bonus Star Exchange Shop

All items in the shop can be obtained through other methods in the future. Please be aware that characters cannot have multiple Simon or Star bags in their inventory. Players may only have one of each bag per character.

  • 1000 Star Pieces - Star Bag (10x17) Coupon (1 per character)(Inv Size: 1x1, Holds: 10x17)
  • 450 Star Pieces - Dominion Wings (Dyable)
  • 450 Star Pieces - Archangel Wings (Dyable)
  • 350 Star Pieces - Snow Leopard Support Puppet
  • 270 Star Pieces - Mischievous Little Hopper Whistle
  • 230 Star Pieces - Phosphor Demon Wings
  • 170 Star Pieces - Simon's Clothing Bag Coupon Box (1 per character)(Inv Size: 2x2)
  • 150 Star Pieces - Cleric's Outfit Box (M)
  • 150 Star Pieces - Cleric's Outfit Box (F)
  • 40 Star Pieces - Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)(Can be traded once)
  • 15 Star Pieces - Golden Experience Fruit (500%)