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The Knights Of The Red Blood Gaming 18+ Alexina

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
We are all on Alexina Server We will soon have our Guild back up and running
The Knights Of The Red Blood Gaming 18+
is open to all People from Gamers to Music lovers and even anime lovers or people to chill out with . If you Love any of those then you came to the right place. We are also a NA & EU Community.

Benefits of TKOTRBGC Gaming:

Despite coming from a variety of regions, backgrounds, and ages, our members treat each other with respect – no drama, flame wars, our politics that affect your ability to meet new people to game with.

We are a multi-title gaming community. We encourage all of our members from any title who are interested in being part of a gaming family to apply.

We do not require you to be fully active but on your own time.

SUPPORT System: We are a very supporting and helpful community. We deal with drama fast. We support all and help all in need!.

Here is our Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/Z7vN6Mt

And Here is our Website: https://theknightsoftheredbloodgaming.enjin.com/#
Our Goals -
To not only grow together and reach power that we only hope to gain, but to assist our fellow members in getting too. We will reach endgame and strive to maintain the luster of the content.
We strive to become the best and the most friendliest non toxic community
We Strive to be #1 in becoming a succefuly and helpful supported community.

My promise -
As a leader i expect those who i designated to lead under me, to lead as i a kind/helpful and a supported leader. to lead not only by example but to be there every single step of the way regardless of the members rank or how new they are, we are all in this together and we play together because as a community we strive to be there and to make new friends and to support!.
So what are you waiting for? Come and join Our Amazing Community We are also support all kinds of people So join Us!