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Motivational's Gift of Giving Event!

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Season’s Greetings to Milletians young and old! We’re here with a special announcement brought to you by the Motivational guild!

For those of you who have seen us in the past; you know what this means! That’s right! We’re back once more to celebrate the holidays with you lovely folk on Mari server! We’re proud to bring to the table our Gift of Giving Event this December 26th!

In this event, users will pre-register via Kitsuyasha or myself (Taggles83) in game to receive a registration score scroll. Only the first 75 Milletians to register will be entered to the hunt! Everyone will first meet at Tara Cathedral (inside) at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific) on Tuesday, December 26th on channel 6 Players will follow screencaps and clues posted here on the forum to find representatives to collect all they need for a Christmas Feast to give to the less fortunate!

Each representative will have one item for the Christmas dinner, but will require some assistance in exchange for the item they have. Players must perform the required task before showing their name imprinted score scroll to get their item.

Once the dinner is collected, they will head to the finish line, and the first three to return will win a prize!


- Users must register ahead of time. Registrations will close 2 hours before the event. Your name will be written on the score scroll and registered onto our list. Players who do not have a score scroll and attempt to get items from the representatives will be refused to avoid cheating.
- In lieu of this, each representative will also have a list of all players participating and check off names as they get their items. Should anyone complete the event without having their name checked off, it will be considered cheating and prizes will be refused.
- all food items will be name stamped by myself, Taggles83, so even if you know what the items are, those that are not name stamped will be considered void.
- Do not eat the food items! You will not be able to get duplicates as there will be a limited amount and to avoid cheating. (Don’t get me wrong, we love group events! This is just not one of them)
- Attempted lag outs will result in immediate disqualification. While being grouped together, we ask everyone to refrain from pet spam summoning, excessive magic usage and other visually heavy effects that may cause users to crash. As a hint: we need to host the event, and we cannot do that if we too are crashing due to this.


- You may use any means of travel. This includes traveler’s guide, continent warp, pets, mana tunnels and moon gates. It is up to you how to travel and should prepare for a race!
- It would be wise to have basic gathering skills and tools. Nothing will be required past novice rank however. The tasks will vary, and would be unfortunate to be unprepared!
- Certain representatives may only be available during certain times of day! This will be hinted in the clues.
- be sure to have inventory or pet space available to hold your food items.
- the number of representatives as well as where the finish line is will be announced the day of the race. This is why it’s important to arrive at the Cathedral for final details!

Enough about Rules! What do you GET for all your efforts!?

First Prize will be a check for 5mil gold, and a code for 25k NX!
Second Place will receive 4mil, and a code for 10k NX!
Third Place will be awarded a check for 3mil in gold!

We hope you can help us enjoy the season of giving, and join us for a fun filled event!

We’ve missed you, Mari server! And hope you have a Happy Holiday, and to see you there!


  • Taggles83Taggles83
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    The clues for the event!


    Sunlight and Rain may be a problem, but at least I have a nice lush canopy overhead.


    A little dark, and little dangerous, but wow the monsters look so pretty from here!


    It’s old, and dusty, but at least I have shelter from the heat!


    The view is great from here, but no place for a summer vacation.


    Quaint and natural, and sometimes you feel the shadows lurking.
  • Taggles83Taggles83
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    edited December 26, 2017
    In the end; I await to see the beautiful feast you have to bring me!

  • Taggles83Taggles83
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    The event is finished in record time! It lasted just under an hour!

    Who was our lucky winners?

    In first place, we had Nossx3 come rushing in to Royal Rath castle's Restaurant to claim His reward of 25k nx and 5mil!

    Pandelic was some minutes behind to snatch the 10k nx reward and 4mil check!

    And in a race to the finish for the final prize was Brojeta! Securing the last prize!


    Scavenger hunters made their way up to have a surprise raffle for a spare 1mil check still available, and our winner was Kamikoto!

    Music and hilarity ensued after. You guys are a fantastic crowd, and this is why we love doing what we do!

    Thank you for joining us on this little mini adventure! It was fun to put together, and we're glad you all had fun! We hope to see you next time, and that you have a wonderful holiday season!

    Motivational, over and out!

  • KitsuyashaKitsuyasha
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