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What item would prefer in-game vs gachapon?


  • TheNyanCatTheNyanCat
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    Rhey wrote: »
    Enchants. Haunted ACC is Meta. Yet only those whales who was around when it was out got a shot @ it. I missed it cuz I was on hiatus. People are asking 200-300m for one. Double that if U want 2 to be OP.


    Holy hell nothing triggers me more than gacha exclusive enchants and bard power creep items like allegro accessories and the Icarus enchantable wings. It's not that they come from only gacha that bugs me, it's that they come from gacha once in a blue moon so that only people who spends literally thousands of dollars on the game can have them.

    It just puts a huge honking wall between the rich and the straight up elite that won't go away.