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Elf male seeking companionship

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
I'm a elf male, who enjoys life skills, bows and chain slashing as well as long walks on the beach. You'll usually find me picking up cobwebs, shearing sheep late at night, or grinding leathers.

I'm seeking people to make my life complete, for partying, chatting or paying you to slave away by gathering materials for me. if interested, hit me up ;D.

Sorry for the cringe opening. In all seriousness if you'd like to add me my in-game name is Zuomo. Around ttl~ 800,wouldn't mind having more people to party with and do stuff. Or if you just wanna chat that's fine too. Mabi is always better with more people.


  • ShansoShanso
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    I am going to add you Zuomo. If anyone wants to add me on Alexina server please feel free to do so. OG mabi player coming back from a long break. I help out my friends when they need it and I don't think I am too cool to hang out with people below my level...