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"Do not meet the conditions required to purchase"?

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edited March 17 in Bugs and Glitches
Not sure if this belongs here or in the help section but since it deals with the webshop, here we go.

I just added NX to my account with a karma coin, bought myself a month of VIP, and then discovered a friend had mailed us karma coins for Christmas in a card in the mail. After adding the NX to my account I decided I'd pick up a pet trade medal to give him a spare alpaca as a thank you.

Now whenever I try to buy a pet trade medal I'm being given the error "You do not meet the conditions required to purchase this package." so I tried to buy a single Christmas box just to see if maybe something was bugged and I'm getting the error there too. I don't know what happened between buying VIP and now, but it looks like something is weird with my account or something? :\ Has anyone run into this before?

EDIT: A friend suggested buying the pet medal through the in-game cash shop and that worked. I'm at a total loss, haha...


  • BlueFoxBlueFox
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    I had this issue last night in the in-game shop. I kept trying until it finally worked. Not sure what happened or why but pet medal continued to throw up that error when I tried to get it. I assume maybe something is a bit buggy with the 32k level requirement tacked onto it but that should only apply to credit buys. :/
  • BuffalosBuffalos
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    I've gotten this a few times with the website's shop. I get around it by just repeating the purchase in the same pop up window.
  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    What Buffalos said. Just try again. I think it's just a bug.