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Leave your IGNs here ^_^ (I'm new/long read?)

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in Alexina Chat
Hello, my name is Addison! =)
N-No! I'm not a girl! Addison is both a girl and guy name. I'm a guy. I'M A GUY! xD
I'm a few days brand new to the game and still on G1 but really enjoying myself, I recently just did Cian Dungeon (Metal Skeletons and Golem Boss Fight) with a huge help of my Bone Dragon (Erinn Essentials, something like that, in Pets on Web Shop) which kept knocking the golem down followed by me giving it another knockdown/smash, and me and my Dragon just taking turns! And my nimbus healing me fighting skeletons before I got to the Golem.

I've already made a lot of friends through Reddit, even MORE just by playing the game and passing through other people!
I'm even in a guild now which is quite friendly and nice =)
Also found a pretty wonderful platonic friendship with a woman whom I married in the game =D Strictly platonic!

So, as a brand new player in Mabinogi, I'm preeeeeeeetty settled and doing well in Mabinogi already <3

I already love Mabinogi to death, it's pretty much going to be my #1 played game for quiiiiiiite a good long while.
Especially because I love the story and want to get through all the Goddesses, SO I'll be awhile ^_^

If you're wondering, I'm the USA! Eastern Timezone or GMT -5, so yeah! After this post I'M GOING TO BED! XD

I say to leave your IGNs here but, you can either do that or just go ahead and add me and ill definitely be on again soon and see your friend request =D

The more the merrier! Don't worry about me having "so many friends" already! I'd love to chat/socialize, maybe even get to play with you as well =D

And of course I have so many questions needed answered if you're a Mabinogi Veteran/or just know ^_^


  • AyamichiiAyamichii
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 3
    Feel free to add, I'm a returning player but doing a fresh start on this server. Ayamichii
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
    Mabinogi Rep: 12,345
    Posts: 2,437
    My friends list is full, but that doesn't mean I won't answer any of your questions.

    You should visit and bookmark our dedicated wiki. You'll find it's almost required.

    https://wiki.mabinogiworld.com ~ or ~ https://wiki.mabi.world (same site; different url).

  • LeowolfLeowolf
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 4
    Feel free to add me trying to get back into Mabi pretty much all my friends are gone now so nobody to talk to would be willing to help you out and talk whenever IGN is Leowolf
  • CritobellCritobell
    Mabinogi Rep: 510
    Posts: 22
    Ya feel free to add me to im geting back into mabinogi myself ign AnimeFallin
  • ZuomoZuomo
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,495
    Posts: 112
    IGN is Zuomo, feel free to add.
  • ZeoZeo
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,160
    Posts: 449
    Feel free to add me! A Mabinogi veteran here that have been on Alexina since 2009 (when Alexina server was first introduced) and I’d be more than happy to help you out with whatever it isn’t you need! :)
  • IncubiAlchIncubiAlch
    Mabinogi Rep: 840
    Posts: 16
    Hi Pretsal here. Welcome to the game! Feel free to add me. I'm usually pretty bored or dying random stuff for the fun
  • CaideCaide
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
    Posts: 14
    tfw you been playing the game on and off for about 2 years and your friendslist is still at 0...
  • DianusiaDianusia
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,150
    Posts: 37
    Feel free to add me (@Caide you too, please!)
    My IGN is Dianusia~ not a pro or anything, just stopped being a beginner >w< buuut yeah