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Price Check and Sell List

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edited January 12, 2018 in Alexina Marketplace
If you have questions or wish to buy somethin' please note my main: Bloodythorn

Price Check
Cherished Lyre
Chord Violin
Allegro Chord Violin
Chord Hand Chimes
Encore Astin Dashing Suit
Extraordinary Avenger Dustin Silver Knight Armor
Musician's Viscount Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots
Neamhain Flying Puppet
Macha Flying Puppet
Shadow Bat Flying Puppet
Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckle R1
Elegant Lamellar Gloves
Cross Empire Uniform (M)
Christmas Coat (F)
Yvona 2nd Title Coupon

Anything in the Price Check list once I get some pricing info
Christmas Coat (F) - NMO a/w 15m
Magus Crest Outfit (F) R1 - 400k
Debonair Groom's Shoes (2) - 50k ea
Snowboard Boots (M) (2) - 50k ea
Cheerful Snowflake Gloves (M) - 50k
Figure Skating Wig (F) - 50k
Lovely Snowflake Hat (M) - 50k