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Have you ever gotten stuck gathering Shyllien?

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I don't know why this happens to me more and more recently. I get stuck while gathering shyllien and I can't move or switch to another weapon. I will continue losing MP as though I am gathering even though I am not.
  • I can't move from where I stand, but I can turn around and summon pets and can even use my Warp Imp to teleport.
  • I can't use Wax Wings to teleport nor Continent Warp.
  • I can't go inside my Homestead since the game thinks I have a skill active.
A guild-mate even tried to have me join a party so I can mount a pet - which did not work even on my own mounts.

I tried to get help to the places I teleported but no one even listened they were not even AFK; the players in this game makes me sad sometimes.

It occurs right about where the red arrow is pointing.

Changing channel helps solve the issue however. This issue seems to happen infrequently but still troubling in the event a monster begins to attack you but you cannot do much; though changing channels or logging out may fix it, losing experience-points and gold is annoying.


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    This usually happens when you attempt to gather/click on a gathering spot while still moving.
    It causes the Shyllien Ecology skill to get stuck in a point of trying to load, but not being able to execute.

    To avoid this issue, make sure you come to a complete stop before clicking on a gathering point.

    And yeah, once you get this issue, you have to CC or relog to get rid of it.
  • Tsukuomi1Tsukuomi1
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    What you can do for if you do not want to cc or relog is summon a pet and get it to attack a mutant rabbit and call the pet back so that the rabbit will follow and quickly unsummon your pet. The rabbit should shortly aggro onto you and punch you out of it. I had this issue before and this method helped me.