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Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box Hot Days

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Baltane Missions just got harder! Log in during the event period to get your haul of Baltane Mission Elite Pass Boxes. Check out the full details here!


Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box Hot Days
Event Dates: 12 AM PST Thursday, Jan. 11 -11:59 PM PST Wednesday, Jan. 17

Event Details:

  • Log in during the event period to receive a Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box.
  • Rewarded to the first character you log into.
  • Must be Level 30 or above.
  • If you afk over-night, please be sure to relog to receive Hot Day item.
  • The Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box will reward a random Baltane Mission Elite Pass.
  • Elite Passes are required to enter any Elite Baltane Mission.
  • More details on Elite Passes can be found here.