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Buff NPCs in Siege Weapon Elite

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edited January 12 in Feedback and Suggestions
As soon as i entered in the mission, NPCs began pretty much dying near instantly. I do not know is this bad luck with AI, however, comparing to normal mode this is pretty ridicilous in my opinion, so much it's not even fun, because there is literally nothing i could have done about of it at all. In Basic, no problem, squires can handle them selves, several waves too. Elite? It's just suicide for them.. Honestly i don't see problems with any other elite missions except this one. Hoping to see change in this as i liked it in Basic where you were at least able to do something about of it.


  • SiodhanSiodhan
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    I haven't tried it yet myself, but I saw that even on normal, their hp dropped pretttty quickly. It wasn't impossible though. I assumed that on elite it would be ridiculous however.
  • downbookdownbook
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    edited January 13
    I took a look around and found this suggestion worked very well for me, when I tried out the Elite mission out myself, with only a minor adjustment, as well as using a Baltane Bomb II (-50% Monster HP) once.

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    For Siege Elite, though, if your squires are dying you may want to either:
    1. Once you enter the mission, immediately use the warp point to help them defeat the enemies at the start.
    2. Make a rush for the enemy's giant warp point, whenever you see the message that they're starting a new one, to kill off as many as you can to take the heat off your squires.
    3. Save the Support Unit before dealing with the girgashiy orbs.
    4. Make sure to either save the Support Unit at the waterfall last, or save them all and manually drag your squires up to the waterfall so they're trapped up there, safe.

    For 2, I also wrapped back to avalon gate to help out when I realized I am not able to take out many before they wrapped in.
  • OverlordGodOverlordGod
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    Ah i see, i might have been just having very bad luck at then. Since i couldn't even go save the NPCs before they began dying.