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Bern's Buy List

Mabinogi Rep: 1,285
Posts: 46
edited April 10 in Tarlach Marketplace
Bern's Buy list
ign: xbernkastelx
note or add me with any questions or offers
Many items in my house not listed here
You can mail anything 5m or under
Provide your own trade unlocks
R1 Enchanting, so I can enchant something if
you don't want to risk a burn


Glittering Dye Bottles - 6k ea Any Amount

R1 S6 Crown Ice Wand - 10m


Endless Frostblossom Wings - 80m


Flavor of the Month~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10th Anniversary Lorna Bag 11x11 - 4m NM/Add

Fluffy Five Tail Fox Tail - 80m

Goldbox Upgrade Coupons - 500k ea Mail

Lily 2nd Title(healing one) - 10m Mail

Black Bag - 20m

Lovely Cupid 2nd Title - 20m

Advancement Badge - 15k ea Mail

Peaceful Clutch - 8m

Walking Freakshow 2nd Title - 20m


Hurricane Cylinder - 100k ea (If 100 prof will buy 300k ea) Mail

R1 Demonic Lance 4m ea Mail

R1 Bohemian Gloves(F) - 15m (25m if mag19 / 30m if mag20 +5m for backbreaking)

R1 Holy Eagle Shield - 25m (35m if m att 5 reforged)

Ghost support puppet coupon - 6m

Shadow bat support puppet coupon - 6m

Fate Support Puppets - 25m ea

Fate Doll Bags - 6m ea

Fate Command Seals - 10m ea

Allegro Accessories - 25m ea + Cadenza 5m

Eerie/Spooky Accessory - 50-60m based on roll

R1 Dowra - 3m ea Mail

Avenger Accessory x2 - 12m ea

Fierce Accessory x2- 40m ea

Shooting Rush Boots(18-20 Roll) - 10-15m depending on Enchants/what its on


67th ES - 15m ea

Spooky ES/Burn - 30m ea (3)

Solo ES - 1m ea Mail

Haunted - NMP

Creepy - NMP

Backbreaking - 5m

Burlesque - 4m

Chorus - 3m

Coma - 3m

Intense - 6m

Alban Stones~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
these prices are for permanent not event stones/timed stones, Timed stones are priced differently

Yellow Alban Adv/Hard/Heroic Stones - 200k/600k/1m ea

Red Alban Trainee #'s 4/6/Unlimited - 200k/400k/600k ea

Blue Alban Hidden Aton Cimena Anvil Stone - 1m ea

Blue Alban Warrior Hall - 200k ea

Blue Alban Ranger/Mage Hall - 50k ea

Gray Alban Monsters #'s 200% numbers / Monster 500% Dmg / 50% party Damage - 200k ea

Gray Alban Monster Numbers 150% / Mon Dmg 300% - 100k ea

GrayAlban Monster Buff 200% - 50k ea

Gray Alban Monster Buff 150% - 25k ea

Green Alban Party Modifier 70% - 25k ea

Green Alban Party Modifiers 50% - 50k ea

Green Alban Party Modifier 50% Party Max/ 50% Party HP - 100k ea


Black Celtic Wings - 8m

Black Angel Wings -8m

Rurutie Tail - 8m

Kuon/Nekone Tails - 4m

Command Seals of Rin Tohsaka - 10m

Muramasa Appearance Scrolls - 1m ea Mail

Fate Blank Weapon Appearance Scroll - 4m ea

Odd-Eye Kitty Shoes - 1m

Caladbolg - 15m

Enuma Elish Ea - 3m

Nurse outfit - 2m


Homestead Cat - 400k ea Mail

Coffin - 100k ea Mail

Crypt - 200k ea Mail

Ghost Light Figure - 500k Mail

Halloween Pumpkin Fence - 50k ea Mail

Halloween Pumpkin Flagstone (Whole) - 200k Mail

Flagstone(whole)- 100k ea Mail

Gnarled Tree - 500k Mail

Spooky Tombstone - 200k ea Mail

Pumpkin Lampost - 200k ea Mail

Pumpkinface tomb - 200k ea Mail

Homestead Sky Lanterns(cube or round) - 500k ea Mail

Matsuri Lanterns - 1m ea

Snowflake Flurry - 300k ea Mail

Altam Figure - 300k

Avelin Figure - 300k

Caswyn Figure - 300k

King Pepe Figure - 300k

Pihne Figure - 300k

Glowing Reindeer - 300k

Big Glowing Reindeer - 300k

Twinkling Snowflake Tree - 300k

Big Twinkling Snowflake Tree - 500k


Full Recovery Potions - 15k ea Mail

Rabbit Feet - 150k/Stack Mail

Hillwen Alloy - 150k/Stack Mail

Awakened Strength Fragment - 400k ea Mail

Awakened Strength Crystal - 300k ea Mail

R7 Red Stone - 5m ea Mail

Crystal Hammer of Dura - 800k ea Mail

18+ Luck Totems - 200k ea Mail

Gacha Purple Metal Dye 128blue/red - 300k ea Mail

Platinum Hammers - 400k ea Mail

1x1 Gold Boxes - 700k ea Mail

Credne Reforges - 1m ea

35 Fine Reforges - 11m

Ancient Powders - 300k ea Mail

Broken Guardian's Wand - 3m
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