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Tzhaar's List (May 3rd)

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Posts: 14
edited May 3 in Ruairi Marketplace
May 3rd Update
Now buying: Some prices changed; no new items
No longer buying: A lot of things

Note and/or whisper "Tzhaar"; Friend requests will be declined.
Mail items 1m or below if possible


Blacksmith Manuals:
Demonic Death Knight Sword - 5m
Demonic Oculus Lance - 1m
Thames (Any) & Knight Lance - 500k

Broken Seal Chains - 1m
Forgotten Mage's Gems - 200k
Rusted Seal Chains - 100k
Jagged Soul Shards - 30k

Awakened Strength Fragments - 500k

Demonic Firewoods - 10k
Demonic Ore & Scale Fragments - 3k

Tough Strings - 10k

Suntouched Shyllien Crystals - 50k
Intact Shylliens & Hillwen Alloys - 6k

Enchants (Scroll/Burn):
Key - 5m
Solo - 2m
Sight - 1m
Swarming - 500k
Secret - 500k
Untamed - 300k

Raid Crystals - 12k (80%), 15k (100%), 18k (120%)


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