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Gathering/Crafting Mini Update?

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edited January 19, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
So I just recently logged onto an alt that specializes (for the highest overestimation of the term) in using all my unsold or not tossed crafting materials.
I also happened to notice that beginners, or mainly F2P have such limited inventory space to begin with.
It gave me the feeling that having multiple bags for holding all those leather and extra fabric Pouches just seems a little too crazy.

There are other games that have a third main inventory tab that specializes in crafting materials.
Considering we already have the Me Tab for quest and soul bound items, asking for an additional Materials Tab might be a bit too much.

Instead, let's consider the extra things we already have, and what could be added to improve a gathering focused crafter's lifestyle.

Q: What if there were gathering and crafting events, specifically tailored and designed, to give out special Satchel Coupons (as a final prize) in return?
-Naturally, these events would be brand new, and likely have limited dungeons with new special craft based Handicraft, Weaving, or Tailoring Quest Items.
-Now, these Satchels would probably take up the room of at least two pouches, and be able to hold multiple pouches inside it.
(If the space inside is much larger than a standard doll bag, then it would obviously be restricted to holding Pouches and Crafting Materials.)

Q: Any alternative ideas, Darkpixie99?
A: Asking for larger pouch sizes rather than just 100 would seem more feasible... especially with all the events that roll out, feeding the crafting community bit by bit.

My Little Q&A for the forum dwellers:

1) Should there even be more gathering and crafting involved events?
2) What about the addition of a special Materials inventory tab(s), do you think it would be worth it?
3) Do you feel that Satchels should be a Cash Shop purchase, rather than available to the F2P community?
4)Satchels, are they a good idea, or would you rather just see the number of available items to be contained in Pouches raised from 100 to 500-1000?
5) If Satchels are a good idea, how much room should they have?
6) Should Satchels be limited to just Pouches, or crafting materials as well?
7) Any additional item suggestions or complaints about my suggestions?


  • ShouKShouK
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    Beginners do have limited inventory space yeah but not F2P players. Events gives out tons of free pets with inventory and bags. All the bags I have right now, I bought with gold and I only bought a few pets with real life money. However I only done Saga with my main so replacing my real life bought pets with all those pegasus, a F2P players can get even more inv space.

    Having a pouch that can hold more than 100 would be cool though, especially with common items like cheap and common leathers...
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    edited January 24, 2018
    Something that could add to the "Satchel" suggestion that I thought of a few days ago, basically the same thing but not, is maybe instead of locking bags into only being allowed in your Basic inventory tab, maybe have a "Bag" tab. For example, your Item Bag, Bookbag, and Medium-sized Beginners Bag would go into that "Bag" tab. It would be a 10 x 6 like your normal inventory, but it essentially wouldn't really give you a whole lot of extra room.... but it would still help.

    EDIT: There is a possibility that Korea already has a bag tab? Hopefully it will get implemented here....