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Large Selling and Buying List

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edited January 29, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Hi, I'm selling a lot of items! Prices are per item. Open to offers and trades. Please note me, thanks!

IGN: Nguyensky

Adonis Hat
Adonis Shoes
Celtic Tribolt Wand
Ducat 1:1 - Gem bags

Watermelon Hats


Police Officer Hat F x2 20k
Christmas Tree Hat x2 10k Each
Winty Snowman Headband 50k
(Wing) Headbands 30k
Fedora 5k
Edern Wig
Berched wig
Droopy Dog Ear Headband 80k

Adonis Wear 3 Fishing
Police Officer Uniform 50k
Pilot Outfit 50k
Style Suit M 30k
Bohemian Wear F (2/3) x2 80k
Dog Cape Outfit

Belmont Shoes M (0/2)

Lovely Snowflake Gloves M 40k
Hebona Gloves 2/2 150k

Duffle Coat M Set
Matsuri Yukata M Set
Bone Marine Items

Leather Long Bows (Black)
Leather Long Bows (Black and Red)
Rice Paddle x2
Fennec Fox Rag Doll 20k
Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher x2 100k
Attache 5k
Demonic Illusion Control Bar x2 50k

Battle Sword 100 Prof
Cardinal Chain Blade 100 Prof
Dominator Dagger (Trade Unlocked)

Music Bottles 5k


Broken seal chain 2m
Apostle's Sharpened Shard x2 300k
Lightless Metal Fragment x18
Refined Catalyst x 18
Jagged Soul shard x 3
Subzero coolant x2 150k
Apostle Ring x1
Broken Ring Frame x38
Broken Emblem x14
Giant Broken Emblem x12
Apostle Leather x8
Apostle's Hardened Shard x5
Apostle's Shining Shard x2
Demonic Claw x4
Demonic Scales
Demonic Ores
Awakened Strength Fragment
Black Sealing Metal x 20
Suntouched Stone
Huge Armor Fragment x2
Essence of Raw Force x3 150k
Dragon Flesh
Blackened Blade Fragment x22
Demonic Firewood x4

Infernal Blade Fragment 150k
Runestone of Daring 100k

Desert Dragon Claw
Prairie Dragon Scale
Giant Sandworm Scale

Common leather 10k/stack

Material Pouches:

Cheap Fabric Pouch 50k
Common Silk Pouch 50k
Finest Fabric pouch x2 50k
Large Wool Collection Pouch (Holds 100)
Cobweb Pouch 700k
Thick Thread Pouch 700k

HP 100 10k/stack
Stam 100 8k/Stack
Maple Seed 2k/stack
Spirit Liquer 8k Each

Advanced Phoenix Feathers 8k Each
Party Phoenix Feathers 5k Each

Training Potions:
Fireball 100k
Firebolt x2 80k
Critical Hit 80k

Skill Pages:
Shock Pages 1, 2, 7, 10 - 5k Each
Shock 3 50k
Fireball page 10 - 5k

Fireball 5
Exploration 2

Flashy Red Spirit Weapon Dye 100k
Direct Pet Dye 700k

GEMS 500g per cm
Special Arrow Bundles (500) 5k Each
Squire's Uniform Box (Elsie Standard Issue Uniform) 20k
Ice Elementals 3k/stack
Lightning Elementals 3k/stack
Nao's Explorer Suit 50k
Regular Gem Powder Upgrade Coupon x2 50k
Living Room Chair 20k
Executioner Sword Appearance Scroll 50k
Andris Wing Staff Appearance Scroll
Conductor's Podium 200k
Trans Medal - Cessair's Heart 50k

Potent Avon Drama Premium Crystal (360% EXP) x2

Alban Training Stones
(Trainees 4)
Party Puppetry 150% EXP