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Rina's Market Lists

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edited February 24 in Mari Marketplace

Beauty Coupons
-Gleeful Kitten Mouth
-Small Ears Freckled Face (Elf, M)
-Pierrot Hair x 2 (F)
-Short Wavy Perm (F)
-Elven Hair (M)

Beauty Coupon Transformation Vouchers
-Eyes x 1
-Mouth x2
-Face x1

Patissier Uniform M - 150k
Patissier Outfit M - 150k
Patisserie Shoes M - 25k
Sprinkle Chocolate Fondue Stick - 5k
Violet Horizon Wings - 1m
Otherwordly Hanbok Shoes F - 500k
Macha Trans - 100k
Macha Wig - 1m
Assassin's Leather Gloves F
(If prices not listed, shoot me an offer)

Royal Academy Loafers M
Fairy Fire Wand

Hold (buying later)>
Detective Outfit (F)

Note me offers in game or on here :)

IGN: Arinara