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Chain Slash Advancement Update

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Emain Macha is buzzing with many challengers ready to test their limits. Luckily, the Advancement Hall has some new challenges. Head to the Advancement Hall to check out the dannable Chain Slash skills. See the full details here!


New Advanceable Skills

  • Spinning Slasher
  • Death Mark

Dan Skill's Effect

Spinning Slasher:
  • The advanced skill (Dan 1 or above) will have increased damage and range.
  • The advanced skill (Dan 1 or above) will have a new visual effect.

Death Mark:
  • The advanced skill (Dan 1 or above) will have increased damage effect from Death Mark.
  • The advanced skill (Dan 1 or above) will have a new visual effect.

Other Changes

  • New Journal Achievements!
  • You can now get the new Diabolic Trap Gold Combo Card in Shadow and Theatre Missions end chests

Chain Slash Eligibility Certificates

If you get all available skills to Dan for the Chain Slash talent, you can receive a Eligibility Certificate for that talent. Equip it to have a special idle animation.
  • Chain Slash Eligibility Certificate: Talk to the Advancement Guide when all advanceable Chain Slash skills are 3rd Dan.

New Enchants

  • Chained in Darkness (Prefix: Rank 1, Expiration: 13 hours): Obtained when all advanceable Chain Slash skills are at 3rd Dan.

Combo Cards

New Skills

  • Dorcha Snatch
  • Chain Impale
  • Spinning Slasher
  • Chain Sweep
  • Death Mark

New Customizable Combo Card Skills

Collect Advancement Badges by ranking your skills to Dan 3 and bring them to the Advancement Guide to unlock the Combo Card Customization option.

  • Spinning Slasher
  • Death Mark

Diabolic Trap Gold Combo Card

This combo card can be collected from the following missions.


  • Defeat Fomor Commander I
  • Defeat Fomor Commander II
  • Defeat Crag Cow
  • Stones of Sliab Cuilin
  • Conflict! An Unexpected Battle
  • Battle for Taillteann I
  • Battle for Taillteann II
  • Defeat the Shadow Warrior
  • Defeat the Shadow Wizard
  • Offering


  • Shadow Cast City
  • Lingering Darkness
  • Enemy Behind
  • Their Method
  • The Smell of Wine
  • The Other Alchemists
  • Ghost of Partholon
  • Fomor Attack
  • The Sulfur Spider inside Shadow Realm


  • Fortinbras's Expedition
  • The New King's Request
  • Guardian of Avon
  • Warden of the Gods