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Patch Notes - February 8th 2018

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It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what was changed!


The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

10th Anniversary Player Video Submission: Tuesday, Feb. 6 - Wednesday, Feb. 28
Husbando and Waifu Voting Contest: Wednesday, Jan. 31 - Tuesday, Mar. 13
Chocolatier Romance Event: Thursday, Feb. 1 - Wednesday, Feb. 21
Diamond Jeweler Box: Thursday, Jan. 25 - Wednesday, Feb. 14
Chain Slash Advancement Update: Permanent
Mystic Celtic Box: Thursday, Feb. 8 - Wednesday, Feb. 28
Naco's Commerce Event: Thursday, Feb. 9 - Wednesday, Mar. 7

The following functionality issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when a player would accept a Homestead visitation request while in their homestead.

The following text issues have been fixed:

  • Meriel will now correctly state the location of the snowfield in the Giant’s Beginner Exploration Tutorial.
  • Magic Craft material names have been changed to properly match their in-game names:
    -Broken Cyclic Structure to Broken Ring Frame
    -Black Metal of Sealing to Black Sealing Metal
  • Finest Handmade Arrows and Finest Handmade Bolts have had their descriptions updated to include that they actually apply 10 more minimum and 10 more maximum damage.
  • Granat’s response to a perfect repair has been revised to be grammatically correct.
  • Nicca’s dialogue during the Final Hit questline has been updated to state the correct dungeon name:
    -Maiz Prairie Ruins Dungeon to Karu Ruins Forest Dungeon



  • GaeaGaea
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    I really hope we'll get the new Naco event fixed next week.

    Long live Mohawkguy and Supreme. TT^TT
    You will be missed. I hope you guys will be able to come back in the future, (if you want to, we would want you to hnnnnnnng!)

  • OpalthiraOpalthira
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    Forgot to add that we can craft Carpentry benches in our homesteads now.