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Old Player LF>Guild

Mabinogi Rep: 400
Posts: 5
Stole this format from Saria223

IGN: Caractacus
Total lvl: 19,000
Race: Half-Saiyan
Talent: Support(Bard/Cleric/Alchemy)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Discord? Sure, but I recently tripped over my headphone cord and ripped it out the headphones. Going to buy a real nice one when my taxes come in.
How long have I been part of Mabi? I've been here from the start. Didn't play Beta but I started about a week or two after the game released. Best way to describe it is Gen 1 before they did the texture update to Tir Chonail.
About me: I'm east coast and work 8-4pm every week day. Big Dragonball fan, like really big. I like to focus on the combat aspect of mabinogi, rather than life skills or fashion. I spend my time on mabinogi usually grinding Tailteann missions for exp/money. Ever since I played a game called Flyff I enjoyed being a healer/buffer, so that's what i focus on mabinogi, along with a few skills to reduce aggro for the party.

Feel free to add me even if you aren't in a guild and just looking for someone to play with, again my name is Caractacus.
  1. Is Dragonball/Z/Super a good show?3 votes
    1. Yeh
       100% (3 votes)
    2. Neh
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    3. Never watched it
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