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T/B4:Diamond Jeweler Dress (Motion)

Mabinogi Rep: 7,130
Posts: 1,276
edited March 5, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Currently offering 10mil or 5mil+Milky Way Harp for Diamond Jeweler Dress (The Motion One)

Mini Shop (Located either in Dunbarton or Belvast)
(Prices open to negotiations)

Darkpixie99 is Selling:

1x Platinum Hammer of Durability

-Pay To Wins/Boosts-
1x Avon Theater Mission Auto Complete Victory Coupon
11x Bounty Hunter Card (Gold)
3x Bounty Hunter Card (Bronze)
3x Ogre's Fine Letter of Guarantee (T)
15x Imp's Fine Letter of Guarantee (T)
75x Refined Shadow Crystal (T)
3x Potent Shadow Crystal (T)

-Misc Junk-
Adniel 2nd Title Coupon
SAO Lisbeth 2nd Title Coupon
5x Red Upgrade Stone
Executioner's Sword Appearance Scroll
8x Regular Gem Powder
3x Fine Gem Powder

-Male Gear-
Royal Headdress (M)
Treasure Hunter Bracers (M)
2x Fleet Elegant Dark Knight Boots (M)
Colossus Helm
Eluned Detective Gloves (M)
Belmont Wear (M)

-Female Gear-
Mystic Crystal Boots (F)
Theatrical Troupe Boots (F)
Snowflake Hairpin
Badoura Costume
Culinary Artist Safety Boots (F)
Blessed Frilly Night Gown
Samba Festival Wig (F)
2012 Premium Winter Gloves (F)
Badoura Viel
Traditional Korean Outfit (F)

-Non Gender-
Magus Crest Bracer
Bat Hat
Fleet Elegant Cat Helm
Teeny Nao
Expert Assassin Eye Patch

Blessed Warring Sword Of The Goddess
Glorious Highlander Long Bow
2x Lion Hunter's Destruction Gargoyle Sword
Other garbage tier Enchant Burns
Andris Wing Staff
Abysmal Shield Of Avon
Haku's Fan

Electric Guitar (Bright Yellow)
Milky Way Harp (Currently Holding as a Trade Offer)

Cravan Joe Tea Table
Caravan Joe Kotatsu

Samba Festival Wig (F)
Blessed Cross Empire Wig (F)
Blessed Mysterious Girl Wig
Pierrot Wig

-Mini Gems-
Crispy Gingerbread Man
Sweet Gingerbread Man

2x Metal Dyes- R:184, G:134, B:11
1x Metal Dye- R:225 G:225 B:225
1x Fixed Color Dye- R: 53 G: 41 B:42
1x FCD- R:133 G:24 B: 24
1x FCD- R:149 G: 32 B: 32
1x FCD- R: 170 G: 32 B: 32
1x FCD- R: 225 G: 225 B: 225

-Beauty Coupons-
Shooting Star Face (F/G)
Shooting Star Face (M/G)
3x Shooting Star Face (F/H/P)
1x Small Animal Mouth
4x Smirking Mouth
1x Vigilant Mouth
1x Cute Animal Mouth
1x Airy Cheeks Mouth
1x Super Sour Mouth
1x Starlight Eyes
1x Stargazing Eyes
2x Heart Filled Eyes
2x Emaciated Eyes
2x Rag Doll Eyes
2x Unfocused Eyes
1x Determined Eyes
1x Observant Eyes
1x Calm Eyes
1x Innocent Bright Eyes
1x Milla Hair
1x Short Wavy Perm
1x Half Up-do Hair (M)


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,130
    Posts: 1,276
    Items are still for sale, prices still up for negotiation.