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These damn Blinkers..

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I'm tearing my damn hair out trying to do this advancement test for Water Cannon. I try and hide in the corner to throw up rain casting and pray I don't get aggro'd, land a few hits, then the two Blinkers spawn and I'm boned if I accidentally aggro them both - they'll just chain their damn beams on me and I literally cannot do anything. Even if I can actually get one of them, playing from EU means by the time I've got the skill loaded, server-side they're already kicking my behind.

Do I just shrug and give up? Mabi can be hard as is with lag, but I'd like to pretend I can at least do something.


  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    I would suggest ranking up lulluby and possibly sand burst or frozen blast. Usually lulluby helps quite a bit and if you can't finish the blinker in time...crisis escape works pretty good. Hope those help if you have not obtained those skills. It should stack atop your raincast so you have some skills to cycle through.

    If you use a wind type cylinder with even some level reforge for rain cast it should help with the cool down or duration so you can almost constantly cycle it. ..even if not it still boosts it a bit.

    Best of luck.
  • CaissaCaissa
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    @papatulus You need to use Sand Burst on the Blinkers or kill them outright.

    @asnscorpio papatulus is doing the Advancement Test to get Dan ranked Water Cannon. You aren't given Lullaby, Frozen Blast, Crisis Escape, or other cylinders.