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Bronze's Wares

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edited December 31, 2019 in Alexina Marketplace
Standby (Items that I am interested in but don't have the funds for/are low on the priority list)
Star Bag
Fine Reforges
Possessed Eiren Wings
Bhafel Huntress
Spirit of Order Duration Reforged items (Accessories, if they even exist?)

Lord of the Seas Outfit Box (M)
1x Extra Equipment Slot Coupon
1x HS Expansion Lv 1 and Lv 2 Coupon
Desert Dragon Scales and Eyes.
4 Attack Speed/3+ Stamina Usage Reduction Lamellar Warrior Boots.
Restorative Powder 60k Each

-Enchants (Burns suffice)-
2x Disaster ES

1x Fierce for 1x Cute HS Dragon
1x Fierce for 1x Docile HS Dragon
1x Synthesis EXP 2 Level (F) for 1x Synthesis EXP 2 Level (M)
1x Attack Speed L4 Accessory + other stuff for AS L5 Accessory.
1x Improved Birman Knapsack Coupon for 1x Improved Birman Flat Pouch Coupon (or pouch, if you drop first).
OR 2x Improved Birman Knapsack Coupon for 1x Improved Birman Mini Pouch Coupon (or pouch, if you drop first).

-Universal Gear-
r3 2L (Fury of Connous Duration 2/Flash Launcher Damage 2) Full-Dura 2/4/4 Cressida Wear
r3 2L (Fire Alchemy Efficiency 2/Raging Spike Damage 2) Full-Dura 1/3/1 Cressida Shoes
Muffler Robe
r2 Dragon Shield
r2 Barbaric Fox Scythe

-Female Gear-
White Bear Hat
Lunar Dragon Armour Set
Bachram Explosion Range 13 Tara Infantry Helmet
Forest Ranger Hat and Wig

-Male Gear-
r3 2L 3/3 Bohemian Band
r3 1L Icy Festival Coat
Battle School Uniform Set (M)

r2 2L unlocked R6 Fennec Fox Powerful Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckles (Type 2)
r3 2L (currently) locked R4 Lich Powerful Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckles (Type 1)
2x r1 Krutta Broad Sword
r1 BDK Bow
r1 Royal Crystal Wing Staff
r3 1L 100% prof BDK Bow
r1 Lich Crocodile Broad Axe

All sales/stack unless noted otherwise.
10k Cheap Leather
12k Cheap Leather Strap

5k Common Leather
6k Common Leather Strap

-Beauty Coupons- [(M)ale, (F)emale, (H)uman, (E)lf, (G)iant, (P)artner]
1x Shooting Star Face (E)
1x Sporty Cut (M H/E/G/P)
1x Sinead Hair (F H/E/P)
1x Emaciated Eyes (H/E/G/P)
1x Stargazing Eyes (H/E/G/P)
1x Starlight Eyes (H/E/G/P)
1x Super Sour Mouth (H/E/G/P)

1x Friends of the Goddess Doll Bag
1x Heroes of the Goddess Doll Bag
2x 1% Goose Feather
Osprey's Enchant Scroll Coupon
Tail Feather Enchant Scroll (Expired)

3x Protective Red Upgrade Stone
2x Protective Blue Upgrade Stone
1x Lucky Red Upgrade Stone
3x Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone

Add/PM IG (same name as forums).

Also feel free to contact me if you have any gear/ESs that an Alchemist may find useful, but keep in mind I am trying to save up for the aforementioned.