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10th Anniversary Extension: Let the Party Continue


  • KatherzKatherz
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    Member, Administrator, Nexon
    Help, I cant read :notlikethis: LOL I'll forward it when I can reproduce it :)
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    Katherz wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »
    Ranald & Ferghus needs a break as well. Give em time 2 sober up.



    Npc's are 2 drunk from all this festivities. They're speaking gibberish.

    Can...can you let me know what item is showing up like that? Must squash da bugs

    It is definitely the Tanto. It may be the Yoshimitsu with the color palette being all white, but I doubt it. @Katherz
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Ferghus, Ranald and Trefor are known to be prolific drinkers.
  • RheyRhey
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    Ya it's a tanto. Srry 4 late reply.
  • TtheHeroTtheHero
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    Agreed on letting this subpar event go to the Shadow Realm. I know RNG is a factor, as reviled as it is, but when your event boxes turn up with nothing BUT scrub-tier potions, you know they've done something wrong. The Max Rabbit Evnt is shaping up to be the same too; common potions/gems should be nowhere near events like these.