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Server cannot be reached??

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edited May 8, 2018 in Technical Support
Hello. I'm having trouble logging in Mabi since just a few hours ago. Nexon Launcher loads and Mabi does too, but it shows a log in screen.
When I try to log in using this screen, it gives me a message "Server cannot be reached." I've already repaired, reinstalled and restarted. Anyone knows how I can fix this?


  • KttyKtty
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    If your getting that screen it's because the Nexon launcher is failing to pass the login info to the client. Sadly there are many reasons that this can be happening. Did your A-V update just before this? Many A-V software block needed functions for the launcher/client unless you have exceptions for all of them (also be sure launcher/client are set to always run as admin). Your launcher could've become damaged (reinstalling launcher only possible solution I know for that scenario). Some people have reported a problem with severe lagginess do to a recent windows 10 update (and I suppose it could cause your problem too if your on Windows 10). If this is the reason, uninstalling the update and preventing it from installing until Nexon does what it needs to correct the problem caused by the update would be the only solution.