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Cooking Guide


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Well I have dex in the 300s, no shaking while using cooking talent, or even life skill talents I think.
    Megasoul wrote: »
    The shakiness of the meter is determined by your dex stat. The cooking talent gives more dex per level than some other talents, resulting in a more stable bar. Once you have over 500 dex from various life skills, the bar will be perfectly stable, no shaking whatsoever.

    Like with other life skills, there's also a small random factor that gets added to the quality, so the quality of your dishes will vary even if the measurements are exactly the same. Following up on that, the quality can be increased by Monday bonus, as well as Quality enchants and Cooking Quality Reforges.
    Well I have dex in the 300s, no shaking while using cooking talent, or even life skill talents I think.

    It's easy to forget, but the Tasting skill passively stabilizes the cooking bar by quite a lot at rank 1.

    Yea, I switched to a different talent the other day, and at a higher rank of tasting, it was shaking minimally.
  • DusqueDusque
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    Lazy Make Shift Cooking Ruler.

    1) Buy an Alchemy Crystal Bag

    2) Line up the First Side of the nearest square to where 10% would be on the meter.

    3) If positioned correctly, 1 side of a square to the other side of the same square is approximately 10% of the Cooking Meter.

    4) Overlap the Bag and Cooking GUI so that the lines are still visible on the Cooking Meter.

    Tada~ you made a ruler with lines that the divide the meter by 10 equal parts. Afterwards, half way between the squares would be your 5's and halfway from that is your 2.5's.