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Buying Junk and Selling Junk

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edited December 17, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
A list of things im interested in buying and selling, ive made a google doc thing to make it more easier to view.
Note "Lukikaru" for offers (Do not Note Neriida) Also I will not reply to this thread concerning offers so please note me in game or message me privately. :)



Interested In buying: (Not all immediately and not all at once, but feel free to note me offers anytime)

-Bright Summer outfit
-Bright Elven summer outfit
-Gothic Lolita shoes F
-Tribal Bird robe
-Belmont Wear F (stats dont matter?)
-Tropical Dolphin Beach tube
-Oriental robe
-Reg Piano
-Reg harp
-#330000 fixed dyes (Or very similar shades)
-reg dyes