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Going a little crazy

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edited January 26, 2017 in Mari Chat
So far the winter events have been really fun except for the fact that nearly every time i got an reward from fleta or the skii jump every single clothing i got was male it didnt matter if it was a human, elf, or giant male literally each one turned out male not once ever since ive been doing this event have i gotten any female clothes is there also anyone else that is somewhat dealing with a similar issue 'cause i know im going crazy xc


  • ShoogShoog
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    RNG is evil. I haven't participated in the events just yet but I have this happen to me ALL the time with gacha. Grr! :C So I kinda know how you feel. Hopefully your luck will change. :)
  • haegolhaegol
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    Wow even in gachas???? dang that has to stink x-x I'd go pretty crazy myself.
  • SamuelalexSamuelalex
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    I've had this problem too. I'm a male character and tend to get female clothing quite often so I trade my sister the female clothes and she gives me the male stuff she gets in return. I usually collect one of everything I get regardless of gender then try to sell or trade extras to people. I've noticed female clothes are generally more expensive than male so it may have a lower chance of obtaining. Skii Jump is probably the easiest of the events so you could try your luck there or check marketboard for the items you want ^^ Good luck and don't give up.