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Snack tent

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I must be an idiot because i cannot figure out what to do i go in kill everything repeatedly and nothing people keep telling me different things and there is no wiki page for it either can some one enlighten me because this is annoying,


  • downbookdownbook
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    From the wiki page

    " First Room: Defeat 11 instantly respawning gummy bears.
    Second Room: Defeat at least 6 of each gingerman and you must defeat the same number of them each. (6 Sweet, 6 Savory, 6 Buttery, 6 Crispy)
    Third Room: Defeat 6 waves of Kupas (2 Strawberry, 2 Orange, 2 Lemon, 2 Lime, 2 Soda, 2 Grape)
    Fourth (Boss) Room: Giant Gingerman spawns along with four respawning regular gingermen. You only need to defeat the Giant Gingerman.
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    Jazmyn wrote: »
    You need to walk forward to the door and stand there for a second after clearing the bears and it should go to the next room. (This is what I couldn't figure out when I first went in there, as there are no actual doors...) The 2nd room, you need at minimum of 6 of each of the gingermen; however, if you have like, 10 of one, you MUST have 10 of each of the four types, it HAS to be the same. Then proceed forward to the door again and wait a second and you'll go to the next room, then clear that one, then forward to the door again, and then it's a giant gingerman. Once you defeat him it will pop up saying Mission Completed like it does in shadow missions.

    EDIT: Here's the wiki's description.

  • AnimemabiAnimemabi
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    I guess i missed the wiki page lol