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The game lags when in combat.

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edited June 3, 2018 in Technical Support
When I'm commencing and get in combat I start to freeze and the skills start to load slow and the enemy's get a head start and start stealing your trades. Thank god I had my partner without her I would have lost everything. They had a head start with and already have 4 star. O_O I was like come on you got to be kidding me going crazy while freezing in time. I got a view hits slow motion.
So I was wondering is Nexon going to fix this problem or are they gonna ignore it?
Is anyone having this problem.
I get this problem when I'm in combat also in dungeon runs.
That's why I avoid battling cause of the lag and that's a bummer.
I was hoping the game was gonna improve.
Hoping Nexon Notice this problem.


  • KttyKtty
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    Are you sure it's just combat? Do you get a lot of lag in populated areas as well? If you cast healing how long does it take it to load? How far are you from the servers (east coast U.S. or another country?) when using healing how quickly does it take to use it ea time? Answering these will help determine where to look to reduce your lag.