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★☆★ Klaude's Art Shop ★☆★

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edited June 16, 2018 in Fan Creations
★☆★ Welcome to Klaude's Art Shop ★☆★

Hey Everyone! ★ I haven't really done any comissions in a while so I thought I would try something new and branch out to this platform to see what's up★ So here is to the Grand Opening of my shop! ★★★


★★★ About ★★★

So I'm based in the Alexina server. I've been playing Mabi on/off for a few years now, and I am in no way a veteran. Still super nooby. You can find me sitting in Tir around the tree on Ch.7★ (❤Best channel❤) most of the time.

★ I prefer my payments be done through paypal, but I will also accept in game currency. (I actually don't know how the server transfer thing works)

★ Also feel free to follow me on social media. (Mostly instagram)

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lovestaches/
Twitter https://twitter.com/Yoshiro_kun


★★★ Rules ★★★

Message me on Discord @Lovestaches#8545 or send a dm on instagram

✖ No NSFW/R18
✖ No Furries/Animals
✖ No Mechas
✖ Complicated Backgrounds

✔ Males/ Females (Style may vary)
✔ OCs/ Fanart
✔ Paypal
✔ Gold (Alexina)


★★★ Pricing/Examples ★★★

★ Chibis $5/2.5m

★ Bust $5/2.5m

★ Half Body $10/5m

★ Full Body $15/7.5m


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