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Certain pointers to skii jump maybe???

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edited January 27, 2017 in Mari Chat
anyone might know possibly certain pointers to get a score 1600 and up? Every time ive tried skii jumped ive barely gotten even past 1570+ not event at 1600+ trust me I would do the normal skiing one....the maneuvering and trying to get though the flags I know I cannot be the only player who goes off course by mistake then when trying to get back on track and ends up going in whole wrong direction when you don't mean to.


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    I've found that pressing the "ASD" keys when they're about halfway through the character's skis works pretty alright.
    Same for the space.

    And for the landing, pressing space before you touch the ground, not AS you touch the ground.

    Though, if your latency is higher, you may have to adjust timing.
  • haegolhaegol
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    Alright I guess I felt i didnt score so well since ive always tried to press the keys from the beginning and pretty much be messing up on the rest depending on the key sequence that was already set up. Yeah there were times when that did mess me up I was on about to jump but that short little freeze lag messed up my jump.