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Windows update slowing Mabi?

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in Technical Support
Recently updated to the new Feature Update for Windows 10 (1803)
and now Mabi has a hard time switching from Fullscreen to Window mode, and also struggles to open "Option" in fullscreen
Mabi will simply freeze for 5-10 seconds when switching from Full/Window and when opening "Options" in fullscreen, Mabi just grey screens and stays like that for 2-3 mins..

Anyone else been getting this with the new Windows Update?


  • GretaGreta
    Mabinogi Rep: 44,790
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    edited June 9, 2018
    Same. I also seem to notice that while in fullscreen, when i'm changing channels, my screen starts to flicker and it takes way longer to load it. I think it takes like 10 seconds for me to get into another channel now, but if i go back to windowed the loading times get back to normal and no more flickering. It's really tedious to change channels while in fullscreen now... Don't know about Options, didn't have a reason to go there yet.