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cant support graphics card

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in Technical Support
https://i.gyazo.com/00c0c9022b4fa54c6d7995b2b6574f90.png according to this, my pc is more than cappable to run this game, but why do i get such an error?


  • KttyKtty
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    Are you sure that Mabi is attempting to use the graphics card and not the graphics built into the CPU? I'm guessing your on a laptop. To force Mabi to use the Geforce graphics select Mabi in the cards software and tell it to 'Always use the card'. You may also need to set the PC to always run for performance in your power options (this will prevent windows from using the CPU's graphics to conserve energy). Also as another possibility if you install the Intel HD graphics driver (instead of using the windows supplied ones) the Intel graphics will run Mabi just fine when it doesn't require the horsepower of the Geforce card.