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Eye of an Eagle Owl

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Honestly what am I supposed to do to find Casywn?? I've seen there's symbols but how the heck am I supposed to do it? The gem is and Mabinogi directions are too. 9/10 so close to paying someone to do it for me cause I don't have enough time to be stressing over a guy who pokes his nose in every area of Taill.


  • KttyKtty
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    edited June 23, 2018
    Huh?!? Ummm.... reading your post is very confusing. Think you were maybe tired when you typed it because there's missing words. U use the gem like an L-rod (like artifact hunting in Iria). Except your looking for the symbols and it gives directions instead of beeps. after you've found the 4 symbols (they ea appear in same general areas) you then go speak with Casywn at the ridge west of the farms at the southwest of Tail.

    Wiki Eye_of_an_Eagle_Owl
  • RiddleTricksterRiddleTrickster
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    It can take practice. When it says for example "Far South", head straight down until it says somewhere or near south. If you go straight down and it does not say south, you are on that correct latitude so to speak (so you just need to focus on going left or right, unless it then says north than you just need to go straight back up just a bit).

    So say you are south enough, it should instead say for example " xxx west" go west until it says near or somewhere west. That means it's close like 8 steps away or less. Then it if says "somewhere East" that means just a few steps away to the right (opposite direction).
    You need to pinpoint it. It's like artifact hunting. A big bright circle mark will appear on the ground if you find the area. Hope this helps.
  • StarlasStarlas
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    I give up This caswyn is a pain to find him I have too much difficulties with I will stop playing mabinogi
  • WliaWlia
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    Same here i gave up on that mission long time ago literaly stuck for eternity on this un-finishable mission thanks to it and of corse left mabi since there is nothing else to do and being permanently stuck on some part of story is just stupid.
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