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Help with dc

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edited June 22, 2018 in Technical Support
I get disconnections sometime ONLY insode dungeons and SM missions, if anyone have an idea about whats going on... it could help em alot, I'm getting really stressed cuz I can't do anything besides afk and chill around there.
No internet issue because it's ONLY inside dungeons and shadow missions.
No windows defender active.
No antivirus active.


  • KttyKtty
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    There are many possibilities that can cause this but there are few solutions other than waiting. Why? because it's likely an instability in the client due to an event (there are several that cause this problem for me (thankfully not any current ones)). Other than that the possibilities that you can potentially do something about are... a virus/malware. Even if your A-V says your PC is clean that doesn't mean it actually is (in fact there are likely about 3 infections on a PC that a A-V claims is clean). Do a manual update on your definitions and do a FULL scan (not the quick one). Did you denagle your PC? As long as the problem isn't due to an event this can help reduce occurrence of DC's as well as reduce lag. Did your system install any updates recently? Sometimes an update to drivers/software/windows is to blame. Removing any recent updates and turning off Auto Update so they don't reinstall could help if this is what is causing the problem.