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Can't start the game

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in Technical Support
I just installed the game and I can't open the game


  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    PokeMas24 wrote: »
    I just installed the game and I can't open the game

    You're gonna have to post more details, like error messages, are you launching from the Nexon Launcher, etc.
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    There are multiple reasons....if it downloads well and you can't start it up...Try "repair installation" via the gear icon above the play button. If that doesn't work then it sounds like something is blocking the program from coming up if at all. You might want to test your antivirus and firewall and shut it off for a moment to see if it'll let you play. I know windows defender blocked a lot of the programs I was trying to run and I had to shut all of it down before it ran.

    Hope that helps you and you are able to run it. If you have more details that can help narrow things down that would help. Keep updated here.