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Please add afk penalty in mission

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in Feedback and Suggestions
If a char is afk in mission for 2 minute or more they will get afk status.
If a char have afk status by the end of a mission, reduce the exp reward and gold reward by 100%.

This will not really stop cheaters but at least spotting cheater would be more obvious (by seeing low level char moving back and forth in an altar).

Also preventing people for leeching in mission like shadow wiz.



  • FaybalFaybal
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    What would happen if you were knocked unconscious though?
  • KnightdogKnightdog
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    edited July 19, 2018
    I think AFK timer should not be going during periods of unconsciousness. I once had to stay dead because one time I was legit trying to help, but every time I tried, the player who was with me would stop attacking enemies and let me die. (This was the one where you defend the 3 gates to Taillteann). Sure, the difficulty was a little higher than I could handle, but I was at least strong enough that two of me would have sufficed to defend a side, just not solo. I really don't know why he was doing it, I just joined a random group for daily with plans to support with Deathmark and some damage if the difficulty was too high, but this guy basically forced me to leech.

    So basically if a group wants to help a low level character level up, they can revive them with a Phoenix feather, but if the person does not perform any attacks or heals, they should get a 50 percent penalty and if they do not move when not dead, a 100 percent penalty. (Even a newbie can be helpful by healing, and clerics should not be punished for not attacking either.) If they die and nobody wants to revive them, letting them use Nao or Guardian Stones is either a natural consequence of an intentional leech or a worthwhile price to pay for someone legitimately making an effort but not quite strong enough to be survivable. This exception would also cover the person who dies but the rest of the party cannot get to them with a phoenix within 2 minutes because they are trying to fight enemies who are a little strong for the party.
  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    I think this is unfair because there have been times were people have had to AFK because of an emergancy, I know I have done it before. I sure as heck would be pretty P.Oed if I lost exp and rewards because of something coming up. What about people who carry others. There have been times were I have wanted to level with my finacee but I'v been sick so we have got into S.W and I afk while he solos (which he doesn't mind as he is completely capable of doing) same with new players being carried.