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Unable to rebirth

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in Technical Support
I last played on December 30th, after updating the game, I tried playing it today.
I am now unable to rebirth (first two screenshots). Changing my eye color doesn't help, and the third screenshot shows what happens if I try using Randomize.
I use an Intel integrated graphics card and Windows 10.
Graphics for the video card were updated during this time period, but this doesn't seem like a graphic issue.


  • ShoogShoog
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    Hello. I wonder if the client didn't update properly and thus causing this issue. You may need to reinstall the client, unless others have suggestions. You can also try verifying the game files if you have the game linked to Steam or the Nexon launcher, though I've never looked into doing this for the launcher.

    If you're still unable to rebirth after today's maintenance and if you haven't done so already, please file a customer support ticket so a GM can assist you with this matter in case it could be an issue with the character itself.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited January 28
  • MauricedarkMauricedark
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    Repairing it really fixed this and some minor issues I had.
    How weird my game broke after a successful update (that included an installation verification)
    Thank you for the help!