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Hot Air Balloon Festival is back!

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The Hot Air Balloon Festival has returned, and comes bearing gifts for all those who come and enjoy the summer sun. Head over to Kaypi Canyon and enjoy the festival with all of your friends! Check out the full details here.


Hot Air Balloon Festival
Event Dates: Wednesday, July 25 After Maintenance - Thursday, August 16 Before Maintenance

Event Details

  • Head over to the Festival Camp located Southwest of Kaypi Canyon (Northeast of Qilla Base Camp)
  • You'll meet Balloon in the festival area, and he'll tell you all you need to know about the Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • You'll also meet May, who will sell you an assortment of items such as festive kits to celebrate the festival, and silly costume items such as Conky
  • Glasses and Bald Wigs!
  • The Hot Air Balloons from this festival will drop presents, so make sure you're at the festival grounds at 9 AM, 12 PM, and 3 PM Erinn Time (in-game time)
  • Make sure the presents hit their mark! Stand inside the glowing DevCat landmark to get your Hot Air Balloon Festival Box
  • The Hot Air Balloon Festival Box will appear at your feet. You will have 1 minute to pick it up before it disappears
  • Be part of the festival by launching your own Mini Hot-Air Balloons and get a Hot Air Balloon Coupon!
  • Collect 10 Hot Air Balloon Coupons and you'll get to enjoy a Cotton Candy (Children's Day) treat!

Hot Air Balloon Festival Box

The Hot Air Balloon Festival Box contains lots of items that will help you during your travels around Erinn. You'll receive one of the following gifts when you open this festive treat from above!

  • Natural Short Twin Tail Wig (F)
  • Natural Loose Wave Wig (M)
  • 10 AP Potions (Event)
  • 5 AP Potions (Event)
  • 25 Skill Training Seals
  • 3 Guardian Soul Stones
  • 3 Advanced Phoenix Feathers
  • Advanced Phoenix Feather
  • 3 Nao Soul Stones
  • Nao Soul Stone
  • HP 300 Potion SE
  • MP 300 Potion SE
  • Stamina 300 Potion SE
  • Wound Remedy 300 Potion SE
  • HP 300 Potion RE
  • MP 300 Potion RE
  • Stamina 300 Potion RE
  • Wound Remedy 300 Potion RE
  • HP 100 Potion SE
  • MP 100 Potion SE
  • Stamina 100 Potion SE
  • Wound Remedy 100 Potion SE
  • Mini Hot-Air Balloon Kit


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited July 25, 2018
    This is another event that could use some more updating before getting rereleased again.
    I've got a few ideas or suggestions, because as it stands now, this event is outdated in its mechanics and participation incentives.

    1. Make Mini Hot Air Balloon Kits the focus on how to get prizes, rather than just showing up.
    It's not really all that celebratory to just stand there, I'd rather get event prizes for releasing a Hot Air Balloon.
    Could just make the NPCs Balloon or May sell the kits. Or make it act like the Lantern event where you can hunt monsters for them.
    Besides, as it is, you don't even want to get the Mini Hot Air Balloon Kits, because their only use is to give you a Coupon which has the sole use of gathering 10 up to exchange for some Cotton Candy.
    Doing things this way would also remove the reason for prizes dropping at your character's feet (which I suspect is to make it so people who just AFK at the area don't get prizes without at least being at the computer to pick up their prizes), so this would also get changed so that event prizes would get added directly to a player's inventory.

    2. Make Hot Air Balloon Coupons drop from every gift box, alongside their main prize, and add a Coupon-based prize exchange tab to May's shop.
    As it stands now Coupons are the "loser" prize. They're what you get when you get a Mini Hot Air Balloon Kit instead of something useful from the gift boxes.
    And their only use is to exchange for some Cotton Candy. 10 "loses" to get a final lame prize. Not good, since this event is about Hot Air Balloons, but you don't get anything nice for actually getting and use the Mini Hot Air Balloon Kits.

    3. The event area should get some decorations set up.
    Maybe put up some walls, make it an enclosed encampment.
    There was a Zombie event a few years ago that had a setup like that. It'd fit something like this as well.
    Maybe add a few nondescript NPCs around the place as well. Would add a bit more life to the area.

    4. The standard for most events nowadays are to have a sort of "event-long questline" or something, usually offering some kind of cool prize.
    Something like a title or 2nd title coupon, or perhaps something like a Gesture coupon which could give you a gesture to release a Hot Air Balloon anytime you want.
    The Lantern Event from a while back had something like this, and that was a nice idea. Being able to release a Lantern on-command is neat, and the same would be true for Hot Air Balloons!

    In general the prizes from this event are a bit lackluster, and disappointingly they're completely locked behind Gift Box RNG!
    If you wanted something like the Wig, the prominent main prize of the event, there's no way to guarantee you'd earn it from just doing the event yourself.
    If there were some sort of Coupon exchange shop, they could have added them to it, alongside other possibilities.
    Also, recovery potion rewards from events should not be given out in quantities less than 5 or 10 at a time.
    I wouldn't mind if they were limited to SE-type only, either, since who would want RE potions when there are SE potions as a possible prize?

    It's too late to expect anything more from this rerelease of this event, but still.
    Maybe next time, though.
  • TheDumbOneTheDumbOne
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,290
    Posts: 282
    "this event could use some more updating" thats a understatement, the event only gives two new wig items....