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Two years of Offline!!!

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edited January 30, 2017 in Mari Chat
Not a recruitment thread

Just wanted to show off to mari that Offlines had our home here for two whole years now! Its been a super cool experience and we've had a ton of fun playing and I'm just personally amazed that we're still kicking after 2 whole years!

So heres just some guild pics I wanted to share with the server because it's a pretty special day for us :)


  • rainLOVErainLOVE
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,500
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    I came in here about to congraz you welcome back xD.
    and I realized the guild name is "offline"
    lolol. also graz on the 2 years : O
  • Prot0Prot0
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    Thanks much! :)
  • NasumiRayneNasumiRayne
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
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    Not hard to pick Darvy out of the crowd with the first one :3